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  1. steve power says:

    2/3/14, i enjoyed your presentation this evening at the VAC in newport this eveing. it is fun to watch someone so passionate about what happens to a drop of water as it falls into a cup. StevePower / fellow photographer.
    have you tried processing your images with hdr software? it can produce subtle textures in the final image.

  2. Hello Martin,
    Noted you have not posted since 2010.
    Are you off to other pursuits or work not allowing entries?
    I enjoy your photography and am now full time in landscape photography sales in Tucson, Az.

  3. niall says:

    Hi MArtin
    I am a fine art photographer with a question I think you can only answer.
    I want to create a collection of images similar to yours for an exhibition. I was looking at splash art but also the MJKZZ as recommended by Corrie White.I am a beginner in this field but need a collection by 2 months time.I am working with Leica m9 and dont want to change.As you probably know the leica doesnt have a wired shutter release port or hot shoe to pc adapter either for this camera. I have been advised to use on bulb mode but how will this work with the MJKZZ? Also the leica 120mm lens is not macro as they dont make macro lenses, is this a big problem? I dont fancy buying canon gear.I want to get this right from the start not to be upgrading kits all the time or changing.Could you please suggest a set up for my Leica m9 and lenses.
    Best Regards

  4. Cameron O'Hanlon says:

    what inspired you to do liquid based pictures as i am fascinated in the technique used and i have been inspired by you to create these photos in the future.

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