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Personal Rant – Dead Car Batteries

Note to car manufacturers: I never want a dead car battery. Never. Ever. Call me contrary, but I don’t want my wife and kids to walk out to the rainy parking lot after a movie and find that they need … Continue reading

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Apparatus – Mariotte Siphon

Once you try to produce a stream of drops at a steady rate, you begin to realize it isn’t as simple to do as it is to say. The temptation is to use a siphon or IV drip of some … Continue reading

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Technique: Part 4 – Liquids

Continued from previous post… While it is a bit complicated getting the photographic equipment assembled, tested, and reliable, the true challenge is handling the liquids. They are willfully non-linear. It seems that everything in the world affects how they behave: … Continue reading

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Technique: Part 3 – Control

Continued from previous post… The usual means of capturing drops is to release the drop from a dropper and use an electronic circuit to recognize when the drop is in motion, wait for a precise amount of time, and trigger … Continue reading

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Technique: Part 2 – The Light

Continued from previous post… I use fairly typical high-speed photography techniques: I leave the shutter open for a relatively long time (in a darkened room) and use a flash to illuminate the splash. The flash needs to be of a … Continue reading

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Technique: Part 1 – Camera & Lens

Several people have asked about the photographic techniques I use for my Liquid Sculpture images. Here are the basics: Camera & lens Light Control Liquids Camera & Lens I have only used digital cameras for this work. I learn from … Continue reading

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The far reach of the web

A few months ago, I received email from a science teacher at an American School in Brazil. She explained that her 5th grade students were doing some science lessons about water and surface tension and such. She had seen my … Continue reading

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